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26 – 28 June 2012

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Gig Harbor Music 26Jun12

Tuesday: Four SSYC members, three crew and two friends enjoyed good food, music and great company at Music in the Park in Gig Harbor, WA.

Wednesday: Spent much of the day working to get a sea trial and survey on a Catalina 30. Then met my crew at Johnny’s Dock for an adult beverage. Also met a new friend who I was going to take sailing. Since my hernia surgery was moved up to 0800 this morning I changed my mind about sailing but hooked him up with friends on a  very competitive race boat named Gardyloo. He’s a new sailor and he enjoyed himself with a bunch of fun-loving, enthusiastic young people.

Thursday: Underwent my hernia surgery this morning. My little 65 lb labradoodle, Mocha, jumped on the site while I was taking a nap. Hurt like heck!! Hope there isn’t any damage.

25 June 2012 – Various activities

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Diesel Duck: Went over the diesel Duck with Alan Powell and Chris Davis in preparation for its delivery to Port Hardy. We went over the systems, engine, electrical and other systems as well as  how to use some of the basic things like the electric head, shower, galley, etc. Now we need to start taking her out to see how this 68,000 lb beauty handles.

SSYC Meeting and Dance: We had a DJ (Commodore Gary Bradley) who played a great selection of tunes for us old gomers to dance to. It was a fun evening but we left earlier than we normally do; My hernia was not cooperating. Get it fixed the day after tomorrow.

Three Tree Point Annual Charity Event

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Yesterday, 24 June 2012, S/V Margo participated in the annual Boats for Beds event hosted by Three Tree Point YC. The weather cooperated, we had really light winds but no rain. There was lots of food and drink, both adult and otherwise and wonderful company. The wind was very light but enough to get everyone around the course within the hour and a half time limit. A few boats did run their engines  but nobody gave them too much grief. After the race there was a great dinner and more camaraderie before heading back to our home marinas. A fun day for all which raised a great deal of money for Hospitality House.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

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Today is my daughter, Michelle’s birthday. Hope to see her and Jillian while her brother and my grandson are in town over the Independence Day holiday.

Off to church then prepping for the charity race with Three Tree Point YC for the benefit of Holpitallity House, a battered women’s shelter in Burien. Won the race last year.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

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Spent much of the day chasing malware and viruses on my computers and friends’ computers. did spend a bunch of time at the office working on the sale of a Catalina 30. Offers and counter-offers all taken care of and accepted. Now comes the sea trial and survey along with a ton of paperwork.

Teaching on Thursday, 21 June 2012

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A last minute request for a sailing excursion was sent to me by Puget Sound Sailing Institute for a couple, Sean and Joy, to take a three hour sail in Commencement Bay. Joy was visiting from San Francisco and it was too nice a day to waste. We sailed along off Ruston Way,  back over to Brown’s Point and around some anchored ships. A very nice couple and a wonderful day. Light winds scooted the Martin 24 along nicely. I taught them some very basic sailing tasks and they seem interested in learning more so, I pointed them to PSSI, the Windseekers, the Mountaineers and gave them my business card as well.

Sailing on Wed 20 Jun 2012

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After my doctor’s appointment, it was too late to go racing so I gathered up Cindy Craig, Jane Montague and Suzette Butler and went sailing on Margo. It was a gorgeous evening. Left the dock around 1930 and sailed over to the race area in front of Tyee Marina just in time to see some of the last finishers. The wind was about 10kts and the sea conditions were just ripples.