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Posted in Miscellaneous, S/V Margo Posts on 12 July 2012 by Capt.JerrySte

3 July: My son Gregg brought his son Graham to visit for the first time in quite a while. We went sailing (really motoring) to Gig Harbor with some of my crew and SSYC members to watch Music in the Park. We then went up for ice cream at Kelly’s. Everyone had a great time. Graham seemed to really like his first time on the boat.

4 July: We went sailing along Ruston Way and met Silver Breeze with Laura and Bob Crews and some other members of their family aboard. We went home for dinner then back to TYC  to watch the Freedom Fair fireworks from shore. We could see the fireworks from various cities up and down Puget Sound. It was quite a display. We left the girls, Molly and Mocha, home and wished we had brought them with us. They were petty traumatized by the neighborhood fireworks.

5 July: Jane and I went racing with Tom Davis and others from our shared crew in the Mid Sound Summer Social which is a six week charity event which includes sailboat racing, raffles and food. It’s for the benefit of Hospitality House in Burien and eht Des Moines food bank.

6 July: Gregg, Graham, Jane and I went to Seattle for some touristy stuff. Parking was a real pain and expensive. we went to Pike Place Market, the piers, the Locks where we saw a bunch of sockeye in the fish ladder, Shilshole Bay Marina and various other landmarks. We smoked a beautiful Sockeye filet that I got at Northern Fish on Ruston Way. We also smoked some chicken breasts.

7 July: Graham, Jane, Molly, Mocha and I went to Laura and Bob Crews’ home  for dinner where we had salmon and many other wonderful dishes. Best of all was the great company and the kids that Graham thoroughly enjoyed himself playing with. The girls were really tired when they got home.

8 July:  Jane and I went to church then we kind of just hung out much of the day until dinner time. Debbie Elliott came over and we grilled some steaks, had a great salad Debbie brought then some Ice cream that she also brought.

9 July:  Gregg and Graham caught a Frontier Airlines plane home to Denver / Aurora. I dropped them at SeaTac at 0720. I worked some issues on a sailboat I am brokering then went home. We had a SSYC dance and meeting that evening. Signed up several people to go Tuesday for Music in the Park in Gig Harbor. (Elvis impersonator).