Returning Diesel Duck Umiak from Vancouver, BC to Olympia, WA

18 July 2013 – We drove to Vancouver, BC in a rental car on  to meet the owners of Umiak, a 48+2 Diesel Duck, in order to bring her back to Olympia. Accompanying me are Paul Kurosu and Kathy Lewis. I’ve known them separately for a few years but they had never met one another until we picked Paul up at his house in Normandy Park. They hit it off immediately and we’ve had a great time so far during this trip. We had a tiny hotel room in Vancouver.

19 July 2013 –  We went aboard Umiak  and departed Vancouver for Nanaimo at 1417 arriving in Nanaimo at 2000. We had NY strip steaks on the boat for dinner and had a relaxing evening until turning in.

20 July 2013 – Departed Nanaimo at 0707 to make it through Dodd Narrows on the slack tide. Entered Dodd Narrows at 0805 slightly before slack and exited the south end at around 0810. We tied up at slip C-3 in Ganges Marina at 1224. We went to the farmers’ market and browsed the booths. Kathy bought a top/dress then we went to a little tavern and had a Grandville Isle Pale Ale. Yumm!! It was then nap time.  Got up, cleaned up and went to dinner at the Tree House Café. Met a nice couple, Charlie and Christie(?) and their cute four year old daughter who invited us to join them at their table for dinner. The band was fantastic, “The Fabulous Flakes”. We danced a bit before heading back to Umiak. Left my business card with a self professed groupie in order to get more info on the band.

May head to Friday Harbor tomorrow to see Mikki and Chon Pierccionni before heading south to Port Townsend and beyond.

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