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Continuation of Umiak Delivery From Vancouver to Olympia.

Posted in S/V Margo Posts on 19 August 2013 by Capt.JerrySte

Ganges Harbour, Saltspring Island, British Columbia, CanadaDeparted Ganges at 0943 on 21 July 2013. Noticed Jim Wilcox had tied up at the breakwater in S/V Roy. He was having to wait for parts so I wished him well and headed south. As we neared Friday Harbor on the west side of San Juan Island, I got word that Chon and Mikki were leaving for home so I decided to just continue to Port Townsend. we hit some rough water then the fog rolled in…

Fog in the Straits

Fog in the Straits

Once fully engulfed in the fog the RADAR decided to stop working.  We had a tense several hours and narrowly avoided a collision, thanks to AIS, until we finally broke out of the fog around 1700. That was just in time to spot an upside down inflatable dinghy with a 30HP Mercury outboard attached at approx. N48-18.652 W122-56.944. I called the Coast Guard(CG) who asked me to take it in tow which I did but we were unable to turn it right-side up.  The CG were in contact with the owner of the dinghy, Peter Jacobsen, who was staying the night in Port Townsend(PT). We talked on the phone a few times in between talking to the US Customs agent in PT.  Very long story short, we cheated death yet again, cleared Customs with an ass chewing for showing up on Sunday AND very late, turned the dinghy over to Peter and his crew then had a nice belt of single malt before hitting the sack.

22 July 2013 – 0814 departed the fuel dock in PT, Boat Haven Marina where we tied up the previous evening to clear Customs. The marina manager said we could stay there till morning as long as we left early enough.

0747 – listened to a PanPan from the CG regarding an overturned canoe with nine people in the water at location N48-11.281 W122-52.146 outside Point Wilson. It was very foggy and there seemed to be plenty of boats answering the call so we continued east then south heading for Tacoma Yacht Club for the night. I was very disappointed about the unprofessional handling of the overturned canoe incident by the CG. There was a LOT of confusion, even to the pint that somehow word had gotten out that the emergency was cancelled, then it wasn’t… The CG finally deployed a boat to the scene at 0915!! Probably a full two hours after the people went into the water! Maybe transferring the CG to DHS has negatively affected the Coast Guard…  We learned at 1040 that all persons in the water had been rescued.

1729 – Tied up at the Tacoma Yacht Club (TYC) guest dock. Had friends over for wine and snacks.

23 July 2013 – Very foggy and have decided to delay casting off since we were going to pass through the Tacoma Narrows and reluctant to do so in the fog with no RADAR.

1101 – Start engine

1105 – Cast off. Still foggy but using the horn long blast every two minutes.

1131 – Broke out of the fog as we entered the Narrows.

1212 – Passed under the Narrows Bridges.

1534 – Tied up at “F” dock, Swantown Marina, Olympia, WA. Offloaded Umiak, gave away supplies to live-aboards designated by Umiak owners and got a ride to Tacoma for further transfer home.