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25 June 2012 – Various activities

Posted in Deliveries, Miscellaneous, Seattle Singles YC (SSYC) with tags on 26 June 2012 by Capt.JerrySte

Diesel Duck: Went over the diesel Duck with Alan Powell and Chris Davis in preparation for its delivery to Port Hardy. We went over the systems, engine, electrical and other systems as well as  how to use some of the basic things like the electric head, shower, galley, etc. Now we need to start taking her out to see how this 68,000 lb beauty handles.

SSYC Meeting and Dance: We had a DJ (Commodore Gary Bradley) who played a great selection of tunes for us old gomers to dance to. It was a fun evening but we left earlier than we normally do; My hernia was not cooperating. Get it fixed the day after tomorrow.